The astrologer and archetypal cosmologist

Carolina Sawney MSc D Psych Astrol

Member the Association of Astrological Association of Great Britain
Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (London)
Member of the Astrological Lodge of London

Carolina Sawney created Planeta Aleph in London to offer birth chart graphics, astrological profiles, business advice and world transit analysis as a professional psychological astrologer and archetypal cosmologist. She writes articles in magazines in English and Spanish and completed a postgraduate certificate in psychotherapy. 
Her grandmother used to read the Spanish cards, one great uncle interpreted the tea leaves, another one the palms and an aunt was a palm and tarot reader.

Interview in Spanish with the clairvoyant Cristian Latina for Univisión Miami at the pub The Astronomer in London
Interview in Spanish conducted by the clairvoyant Cristian Latina for Univisión Miami at the pub The Astronomer in London

It was in London, around the end of 2000, when she discovered a new passion: astrology. Every day she walked past the Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, on the way to her yoga class, and became curious. This place is always as busy as the supermarket, with visitors from all over the world. So she went in for the first time and there she found a book, “Astrology for Lovers”, by Liz Greene, that’s so well written and is so intelligent and funny, specially the transcription of the typical conversations between people with fire signs and earth signs, that she bought a second book, “Chart Interpretation Handbook” by Stephen Arroyo, to learn to create birth charts of everyone she knew.

She was in a very good place, where the subject is studied at university and postgraduate level, so she attended one seminar at the Centre of Psychological Astrology, a school created by Liz Greene, the author that had inspired her, where she was teaching a seminar on the Air signs. She continued to go to a second seminar, a third seminar, and ended up completing the four year diploma, including the certificate for the foundation course. 

Carolina has always been interested in interpreting the meaning of symbols in relation to life stories, the underlying laws in systems and the history of ideas, and this is why, although she was very good at maths, she decided to go to the faculty of social sciences in Buenos Aires to study Social Communication and become a journalist. It was in London that she found that that all these topics are naturally combined in astrology and archetypal cosmology.

Astrology is a treasure so ancient as fascinating. Carolina wants more people to understand this tool so rich and multidisciplinary, so she is interested in being clear in the interpretation of the symbols, to show what their components mean and how the birth chart works, as astrology has a base so precise as astronomy and it does not deal with reading horoscopes or guessing the future, something that the best astrologers do not do, but instead, is interested to understand intelligent patterns in nature, that mark the cycles of time and that also structure the psyche.

There is in California a group headed by Richard Tarnas who promote an avant garde discipline: archetypal cosmology, that combines new sciences like quantum physics, astrophysics, neuroscience and others, with the method of contemporary astrology, and research the way to frame astrology within the academia, as it was in Alexandria, when the wise men of the ancient world where mathematicians, astronomers, astrologers and philosophers. This is what Carolina aspires to develop: archetypal astrology. 

Carolina takes special interest in how the astrological birth chart is part of the collective cycles that link a biography to the signs of its times. She has a master’s degree in International Politics, at School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and has written articles about the planetary cycles and the cycles in world history, politics, economy, society and culture.


Diploma of the Center of Psychological Astrology, London