Professional Profile

Carolina Sawney MSc D Psych Astrol (copy)

Member the Association of Astrological Association of Great Britain
Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (London)
Member of the Astrological Lodge of London

I created Planeta Aleph in London to offer archetypal leadership consultancy, world transit analysis and astrological consultations as a professional psychological astrologer and archetypal cosmologist. I offer tuition and courses and have written articles in magazines in English and Spanish.

Interview in Spanish with the clairvoyant Cristian Latina for Univisión Miami at the pub The Astronomer in London
Interview in Spanish conducted by the clairvoyant Cristian Latina for Univisión Miami at the pub The Astronomer in London

There is a constant in all my work, whether it is the astrological consultations, my bespoke tuition programmes or my small group courses: they promote an inspiring dialogue that is a catalyst for self-expression and personal and cultural transformation. My vocation has been to use the power of ideas to generate change. This has often caused a mini revolution on the personal level, with invaluable repercussions. It is in this way that I have inspired others to develop their potential.

Throughout history and in every culture, there have been practices that promote the discovery of meaning in life experiences. I come from a family in which several members have inborn talent to read the Spanish and tarot cards, the palms and the tea leaves. I remember warmly the personal conversations I had with my grandmother during the card reading sessions when I visited her as a child. When there were large family gatherings, not a single member left without having a consultations with her.

I have always been interested in interpreting the meaning of symbols in relation to life stories, the underlying laws in systems and the history of ideas. This is why, although I am good at Mathematics, I decided to study social sciences and became a journalist. It was in London where I discovered that all these areas are combined naturally in astrology.

I have completed a four year Diploma in Psychological Astrology, a Master's degree in International Politics and a one year course in Psychotherapy., all in London, and a five year graduate diploma in Social Communication in Buenos Aires. I am available for face to face consultations in London.