Astrological consultations face to face in London or by phone

How it works

Start with a birth chart interpretation

I recommend you chose the birth chart interpretation, especially if this is your first reading with us, and book an hour and a half hour session to have time to do an in depth analysis. I will add transits and progressions (techniques that reveal what is being emphasised right now) for context, although the reading will centre on your original chart. 

Once we have done the main chart, you can continue to have further sessions to add more of them or cover more topics.

Choose a face to face or a phone consultation

The astrological consultation takes place face to face if you are in London or by phone in case of clients who may not be available to travel to central London, including international clients. I have found that the telephone consultation is as effective as the personal consultation. 

Choose to have a 1 hour, a 1.5 hours consultation or a series of them

You can choose to have an hour, an hour and a half session or a series of them, depending on the topics you want to cover. The reading includes dialogue, because the birth chart describes the patterns, but that is always in the process of becoming, so feeds on practice, on what you have done to express them so far.


You can pay through this page, that takes you to Pay Pal -you don't need to log in or have a Pay Pal account-, or you can contact us and you can make a bank transfer, cash deposit or send us a cheque.


To generate the chart, you’ll need to know your birth details including: exact time, day, year and birth place. The birth chart is created in advance of the consultation to prepare it. I will give you printed copies or post them to you if the consultation is over the phone, so add the postal address when you contact us.


I will contact you to arrange to meet at a convenient time. I meet with clients in a public place with room for privacy in Southbank, Somerset House, the Wellcome Collection or a hotel in Park Lane or King's Cross. 

More charts

Once you have your original birth chart, you can have further sessions to discuss other charts, like synastry and composite charts, that describe the chemistry between people, relocated charts, or discuss an topic in depth, like vocation, for example.

Birth chart interpretation

The birth chart describes the DNA of the personality. As such it’s a wonderful tool that shows motivations, talents, potentials, dilemmas, limits, weaknesses and their implications. The astrological session can empower you to see all these in perspective to make choices, changes, express motivations more constructively or think about how to integrate all aspects. The reading includes main transits and progressions, that are currently activating the birth chart. One hour reading is £70.

Birth chart interpretation with transits and progressions

Our lives are always in the process of becoming. Transits and progressions are two techniques that reveal where the centre of action is right now.

The child's birth chart

The interpretation describes what makes the child unique. The archetypes or basic patterns in the birth chart describe its main motivations, emotional needs, learning patterns, values, ways of expressing the will, fears and perspectives, as well as the way the relate to the wider world. Nurturing the seed as represented in the birth chart enables the child to develop it’s own path. 


Birth charts for two

The relationship chart describes with fascinating precision what two people create when they are together, what each one seeks in a partner, why they are attracted to each other, what each one activates in the other and also what the relationship itself generates in each person. The interpretation is based in the composite chart (the combined birth charts of two people) and the synastry chart (the superimposition of both charts), techniques that describe the chemistry between two people like no other.

Vocational orientation

The birth chart shows innate talents that can developed into skills to earn resources and the motivations behind our drive to achieve professional goals. The chart also shows what you enjoy doing everyday and the drives that you have to include to feel satisfied at work. Vocation is a distillation of the whole chart. This is a useful tool to explore insights that you may have about your career direction. 


Thematic analysis

This reading is useful if you want to focus on one topic. You may want to have a better understanding of an experience or look at any area of life through the lenses of the natal birth chart. In this case we will look at the current transits as they activate the natal birth chart and also analyze the progressed chart, a technique to advance the chart to the present moment. 


Solar return: trends for the year

The solar return is an astrological birthday chart. It’s set for the time when the Sun returns to its original position. This chart shows where the centre of gravity will during the forthcoming year, including patterns and trends marked by the transiting planets activating areas of your natal chart, on ongoing development. It would be important to have done a birth chart interpretation first, as the solar return will have to be read in conjunction to the birth chart. 


The birth chart in development

The natal birth chart unfolds according to planetary transits that show the position of the planets in relation to its original position. The transits outline the timing, life stages and cycles of manifestation. The natal birth chart can also be updated or progressed to the current date to give information about where you are at now and who you are in the process of becoming. 


Family charts

Family charts show genealogy patterns: motivations, talents, potentials, dilemmas and weaknesses running through the family. They also portray main themes, challenges, the psychology of the group, family dynamics and the place of the family in society. Sessions can be with one or several members of the family.

Birth chart combined with national chart

This reading looks at the alchemy between your natal chart and that of your country. The combined chart will give information about your place there. The synastry chart will show how you fit in the country’s chart and what the country’s chart activate in yours. 


Relocated charts

The natal chart can be relocated to a city other than your birthplace. This chart shows the new orientation of the original chart indicating areas that are activated or accentuated in a new destination.