Astrological consultations face to face in London or by phone

How to book a consultation

The astrological consultation

A birth chart is like a book full of symbols with a myriad of meanings that acquire relevance at different times and places. I process the symbols and the whole story comes alive -before I meet you. When I feel I know the whole story, I am then ready to arrange a meeting and answer any questions you may have.


I offer a service for every budget and depending on it, you can choose a combination of the number of astrological charts, amount of time for preparation, length of the consultation and number of sessions.

Choose the number of birth charts

Birth chart: £5.

Extra charts: £5 each. One for a different technique. I recommend between 2 and 6.

Relocation charts: £5 per place. This adds another layer of meaning if you live in more than one country.

Astrocartography: £10.

Country charts: £15.

Combined birth charts: £20 per person. Includes a number of astrological charts.

Combination of person and country: £30. Also includes several charts.

Choose the amount of preparation time

Spontaneous reading: no cost.

Hourly rate: £65.

Daily rate: £400.

Preparation time enhances the reading.

Choose the length of the consultation: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours

30 minutes: £45.

1 hour: £65.

1.5 hours: £97.5.

2 hours: £130.

You can choose a one off session or a series of them, depending on the topics you want to cover.

A note about your birth time

If you do not have the exact birth time, you may want to book the longer consultation, as I will find out during the session which is the corresponding chart.


Make your choice of service. I will ask you to send payment in advance. Available methods are bank transfer, cheque or cash.

All the work is bespoke so I can not offer refunds. However I guarantee that you will find the coonsultation worthwhile.

Call to arrange

I will need birth details: date, time and place.

I will phone you to arrange a consultation

Depending on the work required, I aim to see you very soon.


The consultation takes place in a public place with room for privacy in central London, usually in Bloomsbury near Russell Square.

Ongoing consultations

Once we have worked on your original birth chart, you can have further sessions to discuss any themes, trends, topics or charts of your choice.  

Thank you for your interest in my work.