The astrology of a biography

The birth chart of René Descartes

This person has six planets in the third house. This placement is associated with the figure of Mercury, whose equivalent in Egyptian mythology, Thot, represents the capacity to perceive, to delimit reality through language, to compare, to learn, to discern, to develop interpretation systems, thought patterns and the rational ability. This archetype could manifest in practice in infinite ways. The owner of this birth chart chose to write: "I think, therefore I am". This is the birth chart of Rene Descartes. His philosophy, represented by Jupiter(♃) is in conjunction with the sign of the times, Plutón (♇). And it was associated with the beginning of modernity. 

Rene Descartes astrological birth chart


The planets

Sun: ☉; Moon: ☽; Mercury: ☿; Venus: ♀; Mars: ♂; Jupiter: ♃; Saturn: ♄; Uranus: ♅; Neptune: ♆; Pluto: ♇.

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