Astrology classes in London: 12 weeks beginner's course

Discover your birth chart


Course dates: 12 weeks between: 

Thursday 2nd April 2020 to Thursday 18th June 2020 from 6 to 9 pm or 

The course runs 4 times a year: January to March, April to June, July to September and September to December.

Book now: call us to make a bank transfer or to send a cheque. 

Course fees

Group classes: £360  which includes 3 hour classes once a week for 12 weeks.

Course summary

This inspiring twelve week astrology course is a step by step guide to understand and interpret your own birth chart. Participants will gradually learn about the meaning of the planets (archetypes), houses (placements), signs (qualities) and aspects (astronomical angles) to build a profile of the motivations that structure the psyche. The approach values the richness, complexity and depth offered through the ancient wisdom of astrology so that the descriptions of the personality can come to life in a coaching session with the person who experiences the energies in practice. The content draws on contemporary approaches such as psychological and archetypal astrology but also incorporates ancient, traditional and vedic ideas and techniques. As your understanding of the language and dynamics of astrology progresses, you'll gain experience of the art of chart synthesis with examples and live readings.

What you can expect

* To view astrology as a framework that reveals the significance of personal experience.
* To enrich your understanding of yourself and others. 
* To learn the language of energy fields in ourselves and the rest of nature. 
* To learn practical tips about planetary cycles for daily life.[nbsp
* To understand that time and space are not abstract concepts but that they are full of energies. 

Course units

The course dedicates on session to each star to cover the mythological, psychological and astrological meaning with reference to images in culture. We will consider the sign, the house, the element and modality within the structure of the astrological chart. Practice is part of each session with examples to develop your interpretation skills. We add on more planets to the interpretation as the course advances. 

The Sun. 
The Moon. 

Who is this course for

The course is for those interested in the relationship between cosmos, psyche and human development and value the wisdom of the nature. The contents will benefit everyone  but specially those working directly with people. Those specialised in consciousness, the brain, psychiatry, genetics, biology, neuroscience, theology, philosophy, biology, astronomy or geophysics, for example, will find it valuable. Most of all, the invitation is open to those of the public in general who want to enrich their understanding of themselves, their relationships and the world around us. 


* Learn the language of energy. 
* Discover the the patterns of the the personality, the life story and the soul embedded through patterns of time and space in the make up of our genes and our bodies.
* Learn to apply ancient wisdom to live in sync with the cycles of nature. 
* Discover the art and science of astrology as a tool for life. 

Teaching and learning methods

The course is face to face to facilitate an engaging learning experience where you can connect with others, interpret charts collaboratively, participates in discussions, connect and socialise afterwards. Key features are: 
* Key ideas lecture. 
* Questions and answers from participants. 
* Learning skills in practical workshops. 
* Whole class chart interpretations. 
* Live birth chart readings. 

Course certificate

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion for "The Fundamentals of Archetypal Astrology" from Planeta Aleph.