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What does Planeta Aleph mean?

Aleph is “the place where all the places in the world are, seen from all’s diameter is of about 2, 3 centimetres, but the cosmos is there, without becoming smaller”, wrote the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges in The Aleph, a book of short stories. Throughout his work, he explored the world of a universal principles or archetypes.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote that the archetypes are eternal structures of meaning that appear to structure and inhere in both psyche and matter. So means there’s an archetype or universal idea of mother and father for example, that’s not just in my mind but that also hooks with a reality. The archetypes allows us to filter and give meaning to our experiences.

The natal chart is also an Aleph where the each planet corresponds to an archetypal principle that shapes the structure of the personality, like the archetype of the feminine, masculien, siblings. 

Philosophers of all times have been discussing what is the nature of archetypes or ideas in relation to the person, the nature of consciousness and matter. 

Astrology is a tool that interprets what is the content of this universal principles is in practice, that is in dialogue with what a person has done to actualise them as the personality develops. There are also archetypes that refer to social and collective themes that describe how a personal life contributes to shape the world events that describe their sign of the times.

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