Astrologer in London

Offers consultations

* Know yourself, could be read at the entrance of the oracle in Delphi.
* An astrological consultation can be compared to fine tuning a musical instrument, so you can play well your part of the pentagram.
* Understand the cosmic weather forecast that connects you to the zeitgeist.
* Find perspective and balance in your unique circumstances.

Astrological consultations in or from London: popular reaadings


Astrological consultation face to face in London or by phone

The interpretation of your astrological birth chart: your personal map

Find inspiration in the astrological birth chart to respond to any personal question. Use the wisdom of nature to refine your own unexplored inner wisdom. Find new vitality and meaning in life experiences.

The little prince standing on the planet looking at the cosmos

Astrological consultation for parents and families

A consultation based on astrological birth charts

Find expert advice to any concern based on the astrological chart. What are the characteristics that define this particular generation?  Can I understand this person from their own perspective -not mine? What is the temperament of this new member of the family? What are their unique needs? Compare birth charts to be aware of the very different personalities.

An eye, mirror of the soul, as portrayed in the astrological birth chart.

Astrology for biographers and writers

Understanding the patterns that unfold in a life story

The birth chart offers an original perspective to understand the thread of a life, from the matrix of its past, including the description of the people that surrounded it, all evolving in time with its key turning points.

The planet Saturn, pillar of vocation

Vocation and career in the birth chart

Expert advice based on the astrological birth chart: your personal map

Discover a sense of direction, purpose and meaning with your unique map, the birth chart, that reveals your innate talents and all the ingredients you need to creatively combine to respond to your calling, be it studies, work, or the activity that suits your lifestyle.

A couple dancing with the theme of the planets in the play Galaxies

Astrological birth charts for two

A consultation based on composite and synastry charts

Chemistry means that stars are aligned between the astrological birth charts of a couple. The astrological consultation reveals what two persons create together and provides deep insights into the dynamics and cycles of the relationship. Combined birth charts, in composite or synastry, are one of astrology's most fascinating techniques.

An executive looking at a laberynth, symbol of destiny

Astrology for Human Resources

An interpretation based on personal and combined charts

Asses a candidate according to their compatibility with the position and the company. The chart can be considered in relation with the company's chart and its current trends and needs.

Astrology in the media

Diego Maradona's astrological birth chart

Diego Maradona's astrological birth chart

The stars of Diego Maradona (In Spanish only)

The north node of the Mon, that indicates aspects to develop in life, is placed in Virgo in the birth chart of Diego Maradona, that is to say that he is aligned to his destiny when he develops a practical skill that allows him to...

Frida Khalo's astrological birth chart

Frida Khalo's astrological birth chart

Vocation in the birth chart: Frida Khalo's case

The birth chart, a map of the motivations that constitute the personality, has a lot to contribute at the time of vocational orientation because it offers understanding about what we value, innate talents and potential ways of generating resources. 

World transits and zeitgeist: the astrology of the collective