Psychological astrologer and archetypal cosmologist in London

An astrological consultation offers insights to help you to:

* Uncover the motivations that move you and inspire you.
* Reconnect with the source of your being.
* Understand the significance and purpose of your life.
* Discover a sustaining sense of vocation.
* Find guidance through episodes of transformation.
* Work towards integration, development and growth.

Astrological consultations in or from London


Astrological consultation in London or by phone

The interpretation of your astrological birth chart

A fascinating map of the archetypes, main patterns or motivations that are relevant to your astrological birth chart as described by the planets, houses or placements and signs of the zodiac wheel, interpreted by a professional astrologer in London, face to face or by telephone.

The little prince standing on the planet looking at the cosmos

Astrological consultation for children

A one hour consultation of the astrological birth chart

The astrological interpretation reveals the main archetypes, intelligent patterns or motivations that will help you to understand the building blocks of the personality: temperament, persona, values, perceptions, emotional patterns, purpose, everyday rhythms, patterns in relationships, what's shared, worldview, etc.

An eye, mirror of the soul, as portrayed in the astrological birth chart.

Astrology for biographers

An in-depth interpretation based on the astrological birth chart

The archetypes in the astrological birth chart are universal principles associated with a range of thematic meanings and psychological tendencies, that are expressed in perceptions, emotions, images, attitudes, beliefs, memories and experiences. The DNA of the personality reveals the true thread of a biography.

The planet Saturn, pillar of vocation

Vocation and career in the birth chart

A one hour interpretation based on the astrological birth chart

Saturn in the astrological birth chart is one of the main significators of vocation, together with the Sun (purpose), the Moon (emotional patterns) and the Ascendant (how you approach the world). Your values and talents (second house), your everyday life (sixth house) and your public life (tenth house) offer more insights.

A couple dancing with the theme of the planets in the play Galaxies

Astrological birth charts for two

A one and half hours consultation based on composite and synastry birth charts

Chemistry means that stars are aligned between two people's astrological birth charts. The astrological consultation reveals what a couple creates together. Combined birth charts, weather composite or synastry charts are one of astrology's most fascinating techniques.

An executive looking at a laberynth, symbol of destiny

Astrology for recruitment

An interpretation based on personal and combined charts

Composite and synastry charts reveal how the planets are aligned between two or more people's charts and what the purpose of the relation is. 

Astrology in the media

Princess Diana's astrological birth chart

Princess Diana's astrological birth chart

The power to transform

Princess Diana has a kite, a tremendously productive configuration where all the energies in the birth chart come together, driven by the planets at the top, Mars, symbol of will, vitality, the index of energy, action and crusades...

Sadiq Kahn's astrological birth chart

Sadiq Kahn's astrological birth chart

Sadiq Khan, according to his birth chart

Sadiq Kahn’s birth chart is pro pulsated by Venus in conjunction to Neptune in Scorpio, that symbolise the motivation for the passions that drive history, heading a kite, a configuration of tremendous productivity...

World transits and zeitgeist: the astrology of the collective