Psychological and archetypal astrology: a kind of eco-psychotherapy

The birth of Prince Iskandar, the Turkman Mongol conqueror

Dialogue with nature

An astrological consultation makes a dialogue with nature possible, in that the archetypes or patterns portrayed in the birth chart weave the person to the tread of the cosmos through their unique personality, that will give them a place that complements the rest of the organic world, in the symbolic sense that a capricorn will provide in the material world, a gemini will interpret, communicate, teach or trade, a leo will develop the source of their creativity and an aquarian will innovate with a view in the progress of the systems that affect the group.

During the course of the astrological consultation, or a series of them, the archetypes or deep motivations of the person are interpreted based on a unique map comparable to a DNA of the personality, a kind of seed’s germ in development or “matrix of experiences”, like the psychiatrist Carl Jung called the unconscious, that is the source of the person's psychological reality or the nature within.

A map of the psyche

The birth chart offers a map of the psyche, that includes an endless source of information related to: ways to related with the environment (the Ascendant), values and ways of generating resources with talents (second house or sector of the sky), ways of perceiving and communicating (third house), sense of belonging and paternal inheritance (fourth house), sources of creativity (fifth house) and patterns of daily life including work (sixth house). Other aspects are: ways to relate with significant others and the public (seventh house), ways to share resources (eight house), beliefs and philosophies (ninth house), vocation (tenth house), ideals (eleventh house) and dreams, inherited from the ancestors (twelve house).

During the astrological consultation the way to integrate all the different aspects are explored, including which are compatible, what themes are repeated, where is the source of conflict or how to express more constructively something that is out of balance. It is the person that has the free will to transform this micro-cahosmos into a life story.

The planets placed in the houses, that are mathematical fragments in which the ecliptic is divided, that is the circle that the Sun demarcates in its yearly transit that determine the seasons, are interpreted like in psychology with the language of universal symbols, because this is the one used by the unconscious to communicate: through dreams, hunches, images, emotions, that constitute the totality of the human soul and experience, that is, the self in development. The symbols offer the richness and depth necessary to offer insight that widens the horizons what affects human life.

It was the psychiatric doctor Sigmund Freud who when elaborating his theories of the structure of the personality, recovered a very ancient Egyptian idea, that appears at least in the Metamorphosis by Ovid, that is that the instinctive impulses of the unconscious are express in symbols that are the ones that give universality to the stories that become classics, in mythology, fairy tales or literature, used in astrology as illustrations.

Fate and free will

The archetypes are multivalent, multilayered, dynamic, creative and participatory in nature, that is to say that the person has the free will to mediate them and manifest them in concrete ways and astrology only states that the person will express that motivation if she is going to develop her potential. Not to know the archetypes or psychodynamic principles, instead, generates unconscious or compulsive behaviour in which fate is repeated.

Psychological and archetypal astrology considers also that fate is a long chain of choices that go back to the origin of life, the family, society, one’s country, ancestors, that is, universal history. The paradox of fate is that requires one’s participation for its development. Knowledge can only offer freedom. 

The astrologer, the priest, the doctor or the psychotherapist

Persons consult astrologers above all in times when they face change and crossroads, to try to understand the patterns of meaning that make possible to take constructive decisions, that will affect the future based on a unique perspective offered by the birth chart.

The interpretation of the birth chart, makes possible to understand the drives that move us, inspire us and transforms us, to align ourselves to authentic motivations that emerge from the unconscious, to actualise the identity, to discover a source of direction in life and to understand the meaning of our own story.

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Archetypal and psychological astrology is based on a worldview according to which all areas of nature are interconnected, the same as the sciences that study it, as it was in Alexandria before the advent of Christianity, when astrology was the science of sciences, practised in inseparable conjunction to the fundamental branches of knowledge, like mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and medicine, that tried to establish the balance between man and the ecosystem.