Reviews from valued clients

Astrology as a way to grasp cosmic laws

"Astrology accompanies mankind since the beginnings of civilisation. Born as a combination of Art, Science and Psychology, it helped through centuries with the understanding at a human scale of phenomena, cosmic laws and events that are beyond most of us. Forces that influenced and still influence the behaviour and destiny of individuals, countries and the species as a whole. Planeta Aleph is an astrological hub that helps us analyse and understand those aspects of our past and future biography that cannot be understood through traditional approaches. Like a true Aleph, the services provided gather the ancestral vectors of the Archetypes that rule us and that are manifested in our astrological birth chart. It offers us practical and concrete tips that can help us to seize every dimension of our being and our essence".

Client name confidential, Diplomat, living in London, United Kingdom. 

Astrology as a tool

Gonzalo Mayoral, Agricultural Engineer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"It is so  interesting to discover how wrong we may have been for so many years out of mere prejudice...such is my case with Astrology. I always associated it with the Sunday papers´ horoscopes. Until recently, when a good friend of mine gave me an Astrology book as a present (Astrology for Lovers by Liz Greene) and realized what a powerful tool it can be - just the same as, say, psychology- in order to understand our own lives, our potential, and the relationships with others, helping us achieve our goals, both on a personal  and a profesional level".

Gonzalo Mayoral, Agricultural Engineer, from Buenos Aires, Argentina