Astrology workshops, courses, coaching, consultancy and events in London

Take a closer look at the cosmos through astrology

Astrology workshops in London

Discover astrology: a three hour or a full day workshop

Discover astrology as an ancient and rich tool that can offer you the wisdom to understand the deeper patterns at work in your life and the dynamics that activate it, to gain a meaningful and inspiring perspective about yourself, your relationships and the world around you, including collective trends, all this in workshops that are bespoke, participatory and practical.

Prince Iskandar's astrological birth chart, Irán

Astrology classes for beginners in London

Discover your birth chart: 12 weeks course

Learn to interpret the archetypes or patterns of energy as portrayed in the astrological birth chart using the rich and complex language of astrology based on the universal symbols that have inspired us since the Egyptians. Apply this ancient tool that illuminates the meaning of personal, social and collective experience. Find out how this inspires discovery, development and greater awareness into all aspects of life and the world around us.

The eyes, mirrors of the soul

Cosmic coaching to align yourself with the nature within

Astrological consultations or astro-coaching

The astrological consultation is a birth chart interpretation with dialogue that offers insights into how you experience the unique circumstances of your life as it unfolds so you can engage with deeper awareness with the dynamics, motivations, potentials and feelings that allow you to gain wider perspective, empower your decision making and take the steps to feel better aligned with your own nature, your relationships and the world around you.

Ballet of Intergalactic Men

Astrology readings for live events in London


Astrological readings are a way to treat guests at parties, events, festivals, workshops and brand activations.

Clock Face, Musee d'Orsai

Creative archetypal consulting

Zeitgeist watch

Explore the current zeitgeist with expert guidance from the perspective of archetypal cosmology, about economic, political, cultural and social trends so you can create products that are universal, that is, in tune with the underlying dynamics at work in our historic cycles, to lead the way in our fast changing world.


Archetypal leadership consulting

Alignment project

Leaders speak of "stars aligned" when they refer to success. Through the unique and powerful perspective of archetypal cosmology we assess how the organisation's mission is in sync with the intentions and purpose envisioned by the leaders. We offer practical steps to bring this aspects into balance so the teams can stay focused and the company can reimagine itself to better respond to a period of historical shifts.