Archetypal leadership and creative consultancy, consultations, classes and events in London and beyond


Archetypal leadership consulting

Are the stars aligned?

Archetypal cosmology offers an ancient and avant garde method to guide a bespoke conversation that promotes the development of authentic leaders. The initiatory learning will broaden your perspective and deepen your understanding of the challenges ahead to help you constellate a refined vision.

Clock Face, Musee d'Orsai

Creative archetypal consulting

Zeitgeist watch

Find orientation in the great trends that define the spirit of the times. Anticipate well defined historic periods. Identify well differentiated characteristics that find expression in all aspects of socio-economic, political and cultural life.

The eyes, mirrors of the soul

Astrological consultations in London

Guidance based on the birth chart

Explore how the cycles of time activate sectors of the birth chart, to contribute with the potentials that emerge.

Ballet of Intergalactic Men

Astrology for live events in London and beyond

Mini-readings, talks, etc

A short astrological reading offers pearls of the wisdom the stars. It an be an inspiring and unforgettable gift for guests at events in a variety of settings, such as hotels. You can also organise a range of fun and participative talks.  

Prince Iskandar's astrological birth chart, Irán

Astrology tuition in London

Learn the language of the astrology

Embark on a journey of discovery to learn astrology, a discipline that encompasses the wisdom of humanity since at least the Palaeolithic period.  The course material offers a range of theories, skills and practices that you can apply to your personal, professional and creative life.

The astrological birth chart of Alexander the Great

Astrology courses in London

The Mysteries of Astrology: a 12 week course

A twelve week course face to face in London.