Terms of business

Please read these Terms of business carefully as your order or use of the services of Planta Aleph constitues the acceptance of these terms. 


Planeta Aleph recommends you to explore the content on this website, read birth chart analysis examples that we've published in magazines and reproduce here in the media section, also read the pages about what the birth chart can tell you in the astrology section and the blog, and finally read the description of the services or products we offer so you are familiar with our style of working before ordering.

Refund / cancellation policy: 

The birth chart graphic, astrological reports and consultation are authentic and created specially for your order, so it’s not possible to refund/cancel an order which has been placed. We recommend you to inform yourself about the product or service before you order. Orders of the online services (Subscriptions to the Articles) cannot be cancelled once you had access to the contents which are only available under this service.


Planeta Aleph respects the confidentiality of its clients, colleagues, students and others with whom it deals with in relation to astrological work, with regards to the birth data, identity and biographical information, unless there’s prior written consent from the person.

Code of Ethics

Planeta Aleph respects the dignity and worth of every human being and their capacity for self-determination and accepts responsibility to encourage and facilitate self-development of the client, whilst having due regard for the interests and rights of others. In all, we deal with every consultation with the same responsibility as a medical diagnosis or a consultation with a psychologist.

Data Protection Policy

We respect your rights to privacy, so any personal information we collect from this website will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws in Great Britain and the European Union, which means that we’ll use it to process your order or subscription and will not be passed on to any third party.