The astrology of the biography

Vocation in the birth chart: Frida Khalo's case

Frida Khalo: an astrological dialogue about vocation

Carolina Sawney, MSc D Psych Astrol
Archetypal cosmologist and psychological astrologer

Published in Spanish on Más Reino Unido newspaper, November 16th 2017, London

The birth chart, a map of the motivations that constitute the personality, has a lot to contribute at the time of vocational orientation because it offers understanding about what we value, innate talents and potential ways of generating resources.

This Rosetta Stone of the personality includes patterns related with the skills that we can develop, the rituals we need in our everyday life and the motivation in relation to the place we aspire to take in the world.

Suppose that Frida Khalo would have been a contemporary and decides to have an astrological consultation with the intention of understanding her personal strengths in relation to her possible vocation.

The patterns portrayed in the birth chart are dynamic, creative and participative, receiving constant feedback with what the person does to develop, so the dialogue in the session is an essential part of the consultation, that needs to consider the personal experience as it is lived. The conversation could develop like this:

Frida Khalo's astrological birth chart


The planets

Sun: ☉; Moon: ☽; Mercury: ☿; Venus: ♀; Mars: ♂; Jupiter: ♃; Saturn: ♄; Uranus: ♅; Neptune: ♆; Pluto: ♇.

- Do I have any innate talent?
- The second house, the sector of the birth chart associated to the body, what we value, talents and ways to generate stability is marked by the sign of Virgo, that denotes a person has a message to communicate, associate to a practical labour that requires technique, precision and detail. You have the ability to give shape to something with your hands to express your thoughts. Nature is a source of inspiration for Virgo, because like her, you are motivated to integrate, syntheses and complement diverse parts into a unity. Mercury, that rules Virgo, is placed in the twelve house in Leo, so the vehicle that you build to give the message has to express spontaneous and personal creativity that is authentic. The twelve house indicates that Mercury expands so that the message reaches the social sphere and fulfils its function as a service to humanity. Mercury there gives you the capacity to perceive trends and moods that float in the collective imagination. The way to generate resources in this chart is associated to the inmaterial, related with something that connects humans to their sense of the universal source of life. Art is one of the vehicles for this.

- I learned to paint during a period in which I had to repose.
- Rest that restores the body to its integrity is associated with the twelve house, that in this birth chart is connected to the second, of talents, through Mercury, that governs periods of transition. Chiron, associated to a wound, in the sixth house of daily life, skills and health, repeats the same connection between the acceptance of the limits of the body and skills. Somehow, the theme of woulds, pain and healing will have to be included in the message that Mercury communicates in the twelves house.

- What skills can I develop?
- The sixth house is marked by the sign of Capricorn, that states that there’s a motivation to develop a practical skill that allows a concrete materialisation, in the area of this placement, that repost that your work will be a synthesis, that contrasts, integrates and complements. Saturn, that governs the sign of Capricorn is in Pisces, the sign of receptivity, sensibility and the imagination that is linked with the application of wisdom in the service of the group. The planet of the rings is placed in the eighth house denoting that vocation is associated to shared emotions.

- Do you think I can be a painter?
- The tenth house, means the profession, is associated to the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, linking you to what you value, the body, beauty, culture and the arts. 
- This is interesting because I paint portraits adorned with dresses and flowers.
- Venus rules clothing, gardens and everything that enhances natural beauty. The Moon is in the tenth house representing the feminine universe, the same as Venus. The planet associated to Aphrodite, that symbolises what we love and our sense of aesthetics, is in conjunction to Pluto, so love and passion go hand in hand in the public sphere of the tenth house.

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