The astrology of the biography

Jeremy Corbyn, according to his astrological birth chart

Jeremy Corbyn, an astrological portrait

Carolina Sawney, MSc D Psych Astrol
Psychological astrologer and archetypal cosmologist

Published in Spanish on Más Reino Unido newspaper, July 6th, 2017, London

The progressive and socialist herald

The herald of mythology,  Mercury, is accompanied in the birth chart of the leader of the labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, by a progressive vision associated to Uranus and political socialism, symbolised by the ideal of Neptune, so his main motivation consists in talking to people’s experience and aspirations, formulating new trends, redefining common sense, generating a new world view and transforming social relationships.

With four planets in Gemini, Mercury’s sign, in aspect to planets associated to collective aspirations, Uranus and Neptune, communication, related to the interpreter of mythology, is important in that words express social objectives that reveal what man has managed to become and what he wants to become.

The building of bridges, idea that Corbyn used at Glastonbury music festival, is one of the attributes of Mercury, the messenger of the greek gods, the only one that could get around from the heights of Olympus, passing through the earth and including the underworld, from where he could return. Mercury was also the patron of youths and travellers.

The emphasis in Mercury gives Corbyn his intellectual orientation, the importance of education, the capacity to analyse precisely, the quest for knowledge and diversity, as well as the task of differentiating truths from lies through constant doubt.

With sixth planets in air signs, the emphasis is in the development of practical ideas, associated to Gemini, the systems of political ideas, related to Aquarius and the balances of ideas in relation to others, represented by Libra.

With the Sun at 128 degrees of Neptune, the maths that constitutes Cobyn, implies his great sensibility, his receptivity, his success in understanding sympathetically other persons from diverse origin, including the argentine soldiers fallen in those famous islands, as Borges called them in his poem Juan Lopez and John Ward.

The Sun in another trine with Jupiter imbue the politician with good will, tolerance, moral certainty and benevolence from a position of authority, noblesse obligue. He is essentially expansive, optimistic, that like Zeus, promotes legislation. With the Moon in Taurus, he is stable, loyal, sensual, determined and practical.

The non-conformist and dissident

The Sun in opposition to Chiron in Sagittarius implies that Corbyn is non-conformist and dissident, so he does not fit, an aspect that he has known how to transform in strength, under the shape of compassion and acceptance of others according to a perspective based on a profound understanding of the diversity of life.

Jeremy Corbyn's astrological birth chart

The planets

Sun: ☉; Moon: ☽; Mercury: ☿; Venus: ♀; Mars: ♂; Jupiter: ♃; Saturn: ♄; Uranus: ♅; Neptune: ♆; Pluto: ♇.

The historical cycle of socialism

With Neptune, the planet associated to collective values, in semi-square to Saturn, the principle that symbolises social structures, Corbyn is able to combine productively these two archetypes.
The 36 year cycle of Saturn and Neptune in astronomical aspect marks the key dates in the development of the history of socialism, and offers the potential that the person that has this planets in aspect with their personal planets in their chart contributes to its unfoldment.

1846: The exact conjunction between Saturn, the reality principle, and Neptune, the collective vision of social inclusion, in 26 degrees of Aquarius, coincides with the formulation of the Communist Manifiesto, that is published two years later.

1882: The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in 16 degrees of Taurus coincides with the practical formation of the main trade unions and socialist groups in Europe, while the German empire under Bismarck, becomes the first nation to introduce sickness insurance and social welfare.

1917: The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in 4 degrees of Leo coincides with he Russian Revolution and the creation of the soviet communist empire.

1952/1953: Under the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in 23 degrees of Libra, Stalin dies and the de-Stalinisation of Russia occurs under the government of Krushev, that marks the beginning of the soviet competition in the West and the conclusion of the peace treaties after the second world war.

1989: The exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune at 9 degrees of Capricorn coincides with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the reunification of Germany, while the election of Botha as president of South Africa, marks the beginning of the end of apartheid.

The cycle of Saturn and Neptune refers positive to the dissolution (Neptune) of what has crystallised negatively (Saturn) and the arrival of new, inspiring collective images.

The protection of the NHS

All the archetypes demand manifestation in the world, including Neptune, associated with collective dreams that are possible, like the foundation of the National Health Service demonstrates, with this planet strong in the seventh house, that represents the public.

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