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Princess Diana, according to her astrological birth chart

Princess Diana, an astrological portrait

Carolina Sawney, MSc D Psych Astrol
Archetypal cosmologist and psychological astrologer

Published in Spanish on Más Reino Unido newspaper, August 25th, 2017, London

The power to transform

Princess Diana has a kite, a tremendously productive configuration where all the energies in the birth chart come together, driven by the planets at the top, Mars, symbol of will, vitality, the index of energy, action and crusades, in conjunction with Pluto, that intensifies that impetus, that manifests in the eight house, the area of life associated to shared substance, that transforms emotionally.

The eight house represents the history of the personal passions that drive collective history, in other words, the person has the potential to fight to carry out deep transformations that will have implications at the social level, in this case, according to the outfit defined by Virgo, that is to say, with the intention to restore the integrity and health to something that has lost it.

Princess Diana applied this motivations through her collaborative work with organisations that treated patients with AIDS, HIV, leprosy and cancer, illnesses that were stigmatised and seen at that time as taboo. She also helped homeless persons.

A psychological astrologer advising Diana would say to her: the motivation to transform at a collective level is tremendously strong and it needs the right vehicle to purge, purify, recycle aspects in society that normally do not come out in the light.

Conscious of her motivations, the person can contribute to express them constructively in her life, with less possibilities of encountering them outside, although if this is not the case, she would project them in the environment, perceiving enemies (Pluto) that want to attack her and victimise her (Mars).

Later in her life Princess Diana combined the attributes associated to the personal survival instinct, symbolised by Mars, together with the survival instinct of the species, linked to Pluto, through her initiatives in the campaign against landmines.

At a personal level, Mars, the fighting principle, in conjunction to Pluto, that adds intensity, demands to air clearly the motives of anger and frustration to get to the truth that caused the crises.

Mars, a significator for father, in conjunction to Pluto, indicates that the princess inherited from her father patterns of behaviour in relation to the expression of frustration and anger, that demanded that she used them with more creativity that he did. However, in her case, this feelings were directed against her own body, developing bulimia. The expression of the archetypes in a destructive way indicates that the person has the possibility to explore its meanings to choose to manifest them in a more constructive way.

An aspect to consider during an astrological consultation is that with this conjunction between Mars and Pluto, the person can have a personal instinct (Mars) that something is not right and do it anyway, ending up in a mess that they attribute then to fate. It is important with this configuration that the personal instinct is attuned to the survival instinct (Pluto), that is the best advisor. 

Uranus near that configuration adds the motivation to reform, break rules and progress. It is impressive that this planet in Diana’s birth chart, when combining it to the chart for the United Kingdom, makes an exact conjunction with Saturn that represents the structures of the nation, of which the monarchy is the most traditional.

Princess Diana's astrological birth chart

The planets

Sun: ☉; Moon: ☽; Mercury: ☿; Venus: ♀; Mars: ♂; Jupiter: ♃; Saturn: ♄; Uranus: ♅; Neptune: ♆; Pluto: ♇.

The ability to connect

With the Sun, symbol of identity, in Cancer, sign associated with the sense of belonging, the family, the country of origin and the common past, in the seventh house, of meaningful others and the public, the main motivation of Princess Diana was to connect emotionally with people.

The Moon that rules the sign of Cancer, in Aquarius, associated to a vision of social progress, in the second house of values, indicates that the attributes associated with Cancer are the innate talents with which she counted.

With the Ascendant in Sagittarius, and its ruler, Jupiter, in the second house, associated to values, including resources, the path for Diana to fulfil her destiny was to expand horizons, getting involved openly with the world and taking the opportunities that were presented to her. The attitude that the world will provide, attracts resources with this placement. Likewise, Jupiter in Aquarius values space and freedom.

Chiron, that symbolises a wound and the impetus to heal, in Pisces, that symbolises the unity of life, en the second house of resources, indicates that compassion and empathy are also talents that the princess has to connect and reach the heart everyone.

Creating a mythology

With Neptune, that represents that which connects us with the sense of the sources and the unity of life, in the tenth house of status in the world, Diana was a receptacle of projections associated to the tribulations of a princess that had the sensibility to share with her people universal problems that affect the human condition.

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Great summary of an amazing women. This explains a lot about the beautiful old soul Dianna. She has left a legacy thru her sons that are continuing her mission to transform. There will never be anyone like her again. Thanks again!

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