The astrology of the biography

Sigmund Freud: his conscious and unconscious

Sigmund Freud, an astrological portrait

Carolina Sawney, MSc D Psych Astrol
Archetypal cosmologist and psychological astrologer

Published in Spanish on Más Reino Unido newspaper, October 19th, 2017, London

The others

The neurologist doctor creator of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, had in his birth chart, like the psychiatrist Carl Jung and the psychotherapist Viktor Frank, the Sun, that symbolises the personal identity, in the seventh house, that represents the area related with significant others.

As in Carl Jung’s birth chart, Freud’s Sun shares the seventh house with Uranus, the planet associated with the archetype or motivation that means the vision of progress, intellectual innovation, the advance of the pioneer, independence of spirit, creative originality, the fight for reform and the autonomy that illumination brings.

The emphasis in the seventh house, associated to reestablish the balance with the others, is greater still, because of the presence of Mercury, the messenger, that travelled from the highest of Olympus to the underworld, and is associated with perception, the creation of interpretation systems, language and communication.

Mercury, that invents the tools that the Sun will have available to develop throughout life, is in conjunction with Uranus, adding the emphasis of inventive thinking, intuition, interest in science, cunning, as well as sudden perceptions.

Sigmund Freud's astrological birth chart


The planets

Sun: ☉; Moon: ☽; Mercury: ☿; Venus: ♀; Mars: ♂; Jupiter: ♃; Saturn: ♄; Uranus: ♅; Neptune: ♆; Pluto: ♇.

Body, mind and health

The Ascendant, or the color of the lenses with which Freud saw his surroundings, is coloured by the sign of Scorpio, that means that his observations, like an x-ray, was motivated by that that was not evident that operates from below the surface.
The planet that governs the Ascendant, that represents Freud’s path to fulfil his destiny, is Pluto, that psychological astrology and archetypal cosmology associate with the survival instinct of the species, that is placed in the sixth house that symbolises the integrity of daily life based on the unity of mind and body to have health.

Venus, or Eros, is placed next to Pluto and indicates that the highest value for Freud was associated with the meanings of the sixth house, that is, the integration of aspect of the personality that are blocked, hidden, frustrated or non utilised, to promote the efficient functioning of each part.

The intellectual that develop the idea that Eros, the pleasure principle, and thanatos, the instinct of life and death, has in his birth chart the planets associated to this principles, Venus and Pluto, in conjunction, with the second strongly intensifying the first one, exactly in the house that represents the psyche, the body and the restoration of health. 

The talking cure

The birth chart of the creator of the talking cure, has Chiron, the archetype that is associated with healing wounds, in the third house, that means understanding, communication, words and the experience necessary to contrast, learn and develop practical ideas.

Chiron is in a trine with Mercury, adding a layer of meaning to the symbol of the alchemist, that which with the appropriate tools uses worlds to connect spheres that aren't and knows the secrets to transmute matter so that it can recuperate the integrity that has always had, but that has remained overlapped.

Deep emotions

Saturn, the planet associated with the pillar that structures life in a practical and vocational sense, is placed in the eight house, that denotes shared emotional substance that transforms us, from passions, through sexuality to primitive emotions associated to survival.

An humanitarian crusade

With Mars, the archetype that represents personal crusades, in the eleventh house that represents the sphere of life associated with the collective vision of human progress, Freud had the motivation to battle against his critics for a major cause.

In spite of some of his books being burned publicly by the nazis, Freud achieved his crusade, because his ideas are part of the vocabulary used by the popular culture through concepts like: unconscious, analysis of dreams, libido, instinctive drives, fallic symbols, anal retention, Oedipus Complex. Other ideas are: repression, neurosis, ego, slips of tongue, projection, transference, free association, defence mechanisms and the pleasure principle.

Conscious and unconscious

What else could have Freud done with all this motivations represented by the archetypes in a map of his psyche that encompasses that which is conscious and unconscious? The freedom of choice was his, who wrote: “where is id, there shall ego be”, to combine them masterfully in his work as psychoanalysis.

His colleague, psychiatrist and pioneer in psychological astrology, Carl Jung, stated about free will that: “one must gladly and freely do that which one must do” and in another opportunity added that “the privilege of a life is to become what one truly is”.

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