The elements in astrology

The astrological element of fire



Fire is the first expression of creative life. It’s warm, spontaneous, playful, creative, intense, energetic, dramatic. It illuminates so it’s associated with insight, inspiration and discovery that come from being in touch with the centre of the Self, something deeply and intensively personal. It’s also vision and intuition. Intuitive types look at manifest forms and see symbols that generate connections with images and experiences. Fire wants to understand intelligent patterns to find the stories as they unfold so that the essence, the meaning is revealed. Fire says: “This is more than it appears to be. Where does this come from?, How did it got here? What does it mean?”. It then runs ahead and sees potential and possibilities, so it’s concerned with the future. Fire also purifies, transforms. 

The astrological element of earth



The astrological element of air



The astrological element of water



Life begins in water. This is a primal element. It’s associated with creation, gestation and birth. In myths it symbolises feelings, images, dreams, hints, intuitions, illusions, sensations and memories: emotional, ancestral and collective. Everything is interconnected in this realm. Music, poetry, films and rituals are gateways to evoke this fluid world where there are no boundaries. Water adapts to  any conduit it goes through. It’s receptive, sensitive to moods. Being concerned with organic development where the future unfolds naturally from the past, water carries a sense of the grief for what’s gone and the longing to go back and stitch something back together again to redeem it. Water types can tap into this to create something that connects people with their sense of the source. Water always seeks unity. Water connects, cleanses, refreshes, renews. Images for water are: the magic of the sea, the symbiosis of underwater life, the Trevi Fountain.