The houses in astrology

First house - The persona

The first house describes how we hatch, our arrival into the world. It’s also our perspective on our environment and how others see us. This doorway gives information about how we start things, how we present ourselves and how others respond to us.

Second house - Values and substance

In the second house, we learn to develop what we value, starting with our own body and resources that are not only material. It shows natural skills and talents that we will use to build foundations, develop our identity and be valued.

Third house - Learning, thinking, communicating

As we reach the third house when growing up, we learn to develop relationships within the immediate environment, starting with siblings and continuing with schoolmates and neighbours. It’s with them that we learn to communicate, develop our ideas.

Fourth house - Family and roots

The fourth house represents the father, the family, our country, our roots, our origins and our past. A planet in this house shows something running through the family. It brings history with it. As a house governed by the Moon, planets here gives us responsibilities of an emotional kind.

Fifth house - Creativity associated with identity

The fifth house shows how we play, enjoy, discover and develop our sense of being special. Creativity and procreation belong to this house. As its governed by the Sun, it gives information about what we need to shine and fulfil our sense of being someone unique with a special purpose.

Sixth house - Work and everyday life

The sixth house is about the application of knowledge to talents to make them into a skill to be useful and productive in every day life. In this sense, this is the house of service. Planets here need to be used everyday. The house describes habit patterns that keep us grounded to the body.

Seventh house - Relationships and the public

The seventh house describes how we meet others, what we value in partnerships, the kind of person that complements our nature and how we seek to influence the public. What we seek through relationships is a completion of something to do with the distillation of ideas that make us.

Eight house - Shared values and resources

The eight house represents the history of the passions that drive humans to reshape life in order to survive. It’s a battleground that involves confrontations, crises, massive upheaval, revolutions, regeneration and rebirth. Defences,vulnerabilities, mating, bonding, trust also belong here.

Ninth house - Philosophies and foreign countries

The ninth house describes our belief system. This will give us perspective to make sense of what happened in our journey through the previous houses. It gives information about the way we look for patterns that make everything fit into a story that has meaning. This house includes the expansion of horizons, through university and far away countries.

Tenth house - Vocation and achievements in the world

The tenth house describes where we are going, our direction in life and what gives us a sense of achievement. It includes vocation, career, our contribution to society and the shape of our life in the sense of who you are in the world. This house is another significator or mother.

Eleventh house - 

Ideas system

The eleventh house describes our ideas system, ideals, that we share with our networks, including their laws and group dynamics. Through this groups we put our talents to work in the service of a collective purpose.

Twelfth house - The ancestral unconscious

The twelfth house describes the ancestors, including our cultural and racial past. It also gives information about their dreams and aspirations but also the collective suffering associated with it. This house portrays universal themes that connect people with their sense of the source.