Planetary meanings in archetypal astrology

The meaning of the astrological Sun

The Sun in astrology

Destiny or deeper motivation

The Sun is kernel of the person, the identity, the self, the sense of purpose that guides the development of the life story and integrates everything else in the birth chart. The Sun has a sense of “destiny” or direction. It can be compared to the hero of the story. It’s also represents the father.

The meaning of the astrological Moon

The Moon in astrology

Belonging and emotional needs

The Moon represents our innate feeling patterns and ways to respond emotionally. It also shows what we need to feel nurtured and safe. The moon governs the body, the instincts and the cycles of organic life as developing from one stage to the next. It’s also one of the significators of mother.

The meaning of the astrological Mercury

Mercury in astrology

Talking, thinking, learning, communicating

Mercury represents how we perceive, compare, learn, discern. It’s through learning to talk that we develop our interpretation systems, our thinking patterns, our common sense and our rational mind.

The meaning of the astrological Venus

Venus in astrology

Embodiment and values

Venus represents what we value most: what  we find good, true and beautiful. If we are aligned to that, we have vitality, feel balanced and are popular. This planet shows where we are resourceful. It describes our choices in love.

The meaning of the astrological Mars

Mars in astrology

Will and action

Mars represents initiative, assertiveness, strength, vitality, endurance and courage. It informs about our ability to achieve goals, how we go about them and the kinds of challenges to be conquered. It also describes how we experienced father in action.

The meaning of the astrological Jupiter

Jupiter in astrology

Finding meaning

Jupiter means enlightment. It’s wisdom developed through experience. This is connected with the pattern making capacity of the psyche. The planet describes the philosophy that allows us to see meaning in life events. Jupiter is associated with hope, optimism, exploration and the future.

The meaning of the astrological Saturn

Saturn in astrology

Saturn represents where we feel that something very important to us has been denied so we have to build it ourselves. It’s the place where we are highly defended as we feel inadequate. It’s where we build something enduring that gives us a sense of authority.

The meaning of the astrological Chiron

Chiron in astrology

Chiron representa un profundo sentido de sufrimiento y dolor que está conectado con experiencias que son profundamente injustas, no atribuibles a un diseño inteligente. Esto nos confronta con el dolor y las limitaciones inherentes en la experiencia humanas.

The meaning of the astrological Uranus

Uranus in astrology

Uranus is associated with Promethean qualities: sudden inspiration, lightning insights, radical ideas, intellectual breakthroughs  and a collective vision of progress that is social. Hence, it’s associated with invention, innovation, sudden change and reform. It also shows the dilemma between theory and practice and the limits of progress.

The meaning of the astrological Neptune

Neptune in astrology

Neptune represents our dreams of redemption that we share with our generation group. The imagination is the great gateway to this fluid world where we perceive the interconnectedness of life. It’s associated with creating something that connects people with their sense of the source. Another vehicle to express Neptune can be service.

The meaning of the astrological Pluto

Pluto in astrology

Pluto describes the powerful principle of metamorphosis in nature: birth, change, sex, reproduction, decay and death. It’s associated with regeneration, profound change and empowerment. Pluto is connected with truth and the unconscious. It’s also fate understood as a long chain of choices that go back to the ancestors. And the place where the past passes judgement.