The astrology of nations

United Kingdom's astrological birth chart

Industry and innovation

Industry and innovation are the two archetypes that are emphasied in the United Kingdom’s birth chart of 1801 as the Sun in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, symbolises a drive to create laws inherent in material organization of the economy and Uranus rising is associated with the foresight of the pioneer.

Britain was the first industrial nation and the pillar in the construction of the world economy of 19th century capitalism, based on a system of free flows, in which international transfers of capital passed largely through British institutions, were calculated in the pound sterling, with commodities transported in British ships.

The United Kingdom's astrological birth chart

The planets

Sun: ☉; Moon: ☽; Mercury: ☿; Venus: ♀; Mars: ♂; Jupiter: ♃; Saturn: ♄; Uranus: ♅; Neptune: ♆; Pluto: ♇.

Empire of ships

Neptune, the planet that rules the ocean is placed in the second house of resources in the 1801 chart. It was around 1560 that the astrologer to Queen Elizabeth, John Dee, provided in his book The Perfect Art of Navigation, the ideological basis to create a British Empire based on naval power. Dee probably based his work in the national chart of 1066 where Neptune is in the house of what the entitiy has to embody, the first house.

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