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Planeta Aleph aims to explore the correlations between the planetary cycles and the archetypal patterns in human experience, including the relation between the biography and the shifting patterns in world history, economy, society and culture, that define the zeitgeist

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Carolina Sawney, MSc D Psych Astrol

Carolina Sawney created Planeta Aleph in London to offer astrological consultations, creative and leadership consultancy and world transit analysis as a professional psychological astrologer and archetypal cosmologist. She completed the four year diploma in astrology at the Centre of Psychological Astrology in London, has a graduate degree in Social Communication and a master's degree in International Politics from the University of London.


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Articles based on example birth charts

Read a range of articles that are examples of the interpretation of a birth chart, whether it belongs to a person, a country or a world transit.

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Aleph is “the place where all the places in the world are, seen from all’s diameter is of about 2, 3 centimetres, but the cosmos is there, without becoming smaller”, wrote the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges in The Aleph, a book of short stories. Throughout his work, he explored the world of a universal principles or archetypes.

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